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Vuego Scan 6678 1we Driver For Windows 7.50




.17134. update. on 18.04 @alexbruno01 please tell me. !nolsen Sorry, I don't know anything about nolsen ikonia: okay.. it's extremely important for me to know the exact hardware description of the raid controller in this system. can I trust that you know and can verify that? I am not sure what you want me to tell you nolsen: ok, type uname -r Muggy: why do you need to know that? Muggy, cat /proc/mdstat enter it into the terminal ioria: thanks.. will do that alexbruno01: ok, what does it say after that? 3.13.0-62-generic I am sorry I pressed enter too early thats what it said ok, it's ok, type sudo apt-get purge nvidia-346* @EriC^^ 3.13.0-62-generic Okay That was what I wanted to know. :P ok its purged it sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-346-updates @alexbruno01 it's working. It says it's been installed. ok lets see It's still flashing, but it's flashing at a much faster rate now.




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Vuego Scan 6678 1we Driver For Windows 7.50

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